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Review for Silicone Cupping Therapy Set
Suck Away Pain & Wrinkles

~ What ~ Made of silicone and plastic, this 10-piece cupping set is meant to increase blood circulation and metabolism while decreasing cellulite, wrinkles, and stretch marks by placing the cups on specific parts of the body. With 6 cups for the body and 4 for the face, the set comes with a massage brush, 2 drawstring carry bags, and instructions. ~ Why ~ One of our daughters-in-laws has had professional cupping done to help with headaches. Although this therapy set decompresses and lifts skin tissues, it comes with many warnings on the box, but it may be of help to her at home. I like that there are 4 different sizes of the 6 body cups and 2 of the 4 facial ones. In testing them, I found they do provide suction of the skin and may work with proper use. ~ Why Not ~ Some may not like the concept of sucking air out of the skin as it can leave marks for a few days. Others may find cupping painful and uncomfortable. My daughter-in-law stated she would only have a professional apply this type of therapy to her skin as she is worried about doing permanent damage doing it herself. ~ Wish ~ Recognizing the product is a DIY healing tool, I wish there were more documentation of it working without causing damage if done by a novice. Reading in the included instructions to not to put them on arteries is a concern of mine for those who are unaware of the body’s anatomy. ~ Want ~ If you are looking for a different way to maintain youthful skin without having Botox inserts or surgery or need to relieve a headache, you might want to try this method. I am under no obligation to review this discounted product at

Review for Silicone Cupping Set

Very Good Silicone Cupping Therapy Set! a product with high quality, very recommended. I use this set every day after my training and it helps me recover very fast .

Review for Silicone Cupping Set

Best Silicone Cupping Therapy Set Ever ! a high quality product , very recommended. IAFORY’s service is the best , they are very patient and Cooperating.

Review for Silicone Cupping Set

Excellent Silicone Cupping Therapy Set! a good product , recommended for Alternative medicine students.